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Chairman’s Message

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the family of Shri Vidyasagara School. Every person in this family has a unique function to play and a unique strength.

Life is a process of transformation from ‘Being’ to ‘Becoming’. It is a journey from ‘Man’ to ‘Human’, from ‘Mankind’ to ‘Kind man’. Each of us are like the individual cells in the body. We are here to work for survival, growth and improvement and at the same time we share general responsibility towards society, just as every cell of the body owes its duty towards entire body. An animal born in the nature, lives in that nature, and dies in that nature as an animal. There is no ‘becoming’ beyond the physical growth. That is not what man is meant to be. Man was created to BECOME…… He is here to ARRIVE…… He is here to grow and evolve. We are all born in the nature but can outgrow beyond the nature.

With this note, we at Shri Vidyasagara School support and encourage every individual’s hidden talent and dreams in moulding their future in a superior manner.

Venkata Reddy H Y


Shri Vidyasagara School

A couple from Bangalore Shri Venkata Reddy H Y and Smt. Shabitha V Reddy, who were passionate about education wanted to provide the greatest education and amenities to rural children. Then the concept for Shri Vidyasagara School arose. It was founded in 2011 as part of the Sree Lakshmivenkateshwara Education Trust. The school was founded to educate all students, regardless of caste, creed, or religion. Our responsibility is to establish better human resources among the schools’ students and develop them into tomorrow’s leaders.

Our school is located in the lush green area of Ballamanja, a village and about 33 kilometres away from the centuries-old Sri Manjunatha Temple Dharmasthala.

Shri Vidyasagara School imparts good education with stress on basic values to present day students. The aim of the school is to promote feeling of patriotism and sense of oneness and belonging. The basic cultural values of our country, which have since time immemorial withstood all negative forces, are instilled into the students. The students are helped gain the strength and skill to face the future boldly.

Shri Vidyasagara School has thus taken upon itself all the important mission of churning out the cream of dormant potential in man and gifting this society the ever glittering gem. With this note, the school marches forward confidently to equip the nation with the best possible leaders.